#News from Bilderlings

SWIFT membership

Bilderlings has recently announced that it became a full member of SWIFT system. Even before, the payment institution was able to make international transfers with SWIFT, but it conducted such transactions through partnering banks.

With the SWIFT membership, Bilderlings has been integrated into the international system of payment transfers for quick and direct payments.


– all international payments will be sent on behalf of the customer (under its name, company name), but not on behalf of Bilderlings when it made payments through partnering banks;

– Bilderlings customers can get its own requisites where their end customers can send transfers to (and not to Bilderlings);

– direct integration with SWIFT systems simplifies the transfer process which would make all the transfers quicker and more effective.

SWIFT is the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services. Becoming a member of the SWIFT system is an important step for any financial and payment institution. Members of this global payments system are onboarded if successfully pass through a strict membership criteria. As the new member, Bilderlings is now highly recognized as being eligible for this important payment community.

ApplePay and GooglePay (soon)

Bilderlings works on integrating Bilderlings debit cards into ApplePay and GooglePay. New function will be available soon in autumn.

New correspondent accounts

New correspondent accounts are now available for SWIFT, SEPA, CHAPS, FasterPayments for more than 30 currencies.

Accounts for EMI/PSP

Bilderlings can onboard EMI/PSP customers for general administrative purposes and working with customers funds.

Junior Cards (soon)

Following the recent trends, Bilderlings will soon launch junior cards. Indeed, this is a great tool for financial education among juniors.

Asset Management and Family Office, Bilderlings Investments (soon)

These two productions are now under development and will be launched soon.

We have a special partner discount for account opening fee – please contact us if you’re interesting in opening account with Bilderlings and get your discount.