New service from MultiPass: personal accounts for business owners and executives

Having been established in 2017 and formerly known as DynaPay, MultiPass is an international payment company with offices in Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Egypt, India, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, the Philippines, Romania, the United Kingdom, and the USA. As part of DYNINNO Group, it has been servicing clients for more than 17 years.

Our previously published article has a full description of all main features and products. Recently, MultiPass announced a new service offer, which we will describe here.

MultiPass personal accounts for business owners and executives

This service is available in addition to corporate accounts. Main benefits of such personal accounts:

  • A dedicated GB IBAN
  • Local details in the US, UK, and EU
  • Account-to-card transfers
  • Live FX service for instant currency conversion

The most valuable feature of this new personal account is that the holders can manage personal finances in multiple currencies. MultiPass has developed a platform that allows customers to make it easier. As specified, the account can be used to:

  • Receive salary and dividends
  • Pay individuals overseas
  • Manage personal expenses and bills
  • Make and receive payments locally and abroad
  • Collect social welfare payments
  • Make capital investments

Personal account tariff

Main feesGBPEUR
Account opening4550
Account maintenance, including personal manager support2325
IBAN issuanceFreeFree
Due diligenceFreeFree

A negative rate of 1.5% per annum is applied to customer balances held in EUR, CHF, DKK, JPY if at the end of the month customer balance is over 100,000.00 EUR

Payment feesCurrencyInOut
SEPAEUR1 EUR0,075% + 1 EUR
SWIFTMulti-currency7 EUR0,075% + 35 EUR
ACHUSD1,25 EUR0,1% + 1,25 USD
Faster paymentsGBP0,90 GBP0,075% + 0,90 GBP
Local payoutsMulti-currency1 EUR0,1% + 1 EUR
Additional service feesGBPEUR
Payment confirmation fee910
Transfer cancellation fee105120
Investigation of the international transfer90100
Account closure feeFreeFree
Contractual penalty for failing to provide documentation related to any debit or credit transfer within the deadline set by MultiPass90100

Personal account opening

To apply for personal accounts online, customers can fill in a form in the MultiPass business account profile.
MultiPass Business account holders can apply for personal accounts for:

  • EU/UK residents and resident permit holders, such as business owners, directors, and other company executives;
  • Employees of MultiPass Business account holders.

Please contact us for any assistance with MultiPass account opening!

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