Austria as a top destination for private banking and wealth management

When individuals consider where to deposit their money and protect their wealth, it is important to analyze not only the bank itself, but the jurisdiction in which the financial institution operates. In such terms Austria is one the European top destination for private banking and wealth management.

Austria has been reasonably considered to have one of the safest banking systems in Europe. It has a stable political system and strong financial position thanks to its sufficient reserves. This has allowed the Austrian government to support financial institutions during the last economic crisis. Austria has low financial debt, which would guarantee that its government is able to provide necessary finances during any possible economic troublesome and support banks in particular.

There is a number of banks in Austria that offers private banking and wealth management for high and ultra high net individuals. The banks in Austria are part of the global group of banks and are highly ranked by Moody’s, Standard & Poors and other reputable international rankings.

Why to consider private banking?

Private banking clients have different goals and plans. Whether a client wishes to secure its financial assets or whether a client wishes to increase income, the banking strategy would rely on a conservative or, on the contrary, more aggressive asset management. Based on that, the personal manager would offer less risky financial instruments, or vice versa. Another thing that the personal manager would offer is a tax planning. The higher assets an individual possess, the more important it is needed to diversify and to carefully consider all possible nuances in financial planning.

Austrian banks have become famous for managing family assets that pass through several generations of families. The banks secure the wealth of future generations which is so important during these vulnerable times.

Private managers are skilled, motivated and high professionals that build relationships on trust.

Which products can a customer get in Austrian banking?

Private banking solutions in Austria offers the following products:

  1. Investment solutions
  2. Portfolio management
  3. Investment advisory
  4. External asset managers

If you want to find a suitable bank and open a bank account for private banking, please contact for further details.

What Bankspace can offer you?

Bankspace has been successfully cooperating with an Austrian private bank. Together with one of the most prominent Austrian private bank we serve various financial needs of our customers.

We have special conditions offered by the bank for our clients on balances and preliminary consideration of account opening. Our professional team will assist you on all levels of account opening. Having a long-term partnership, we are well aware of the specifics of the bank, and their compliance requirements regarding customer information. Whereas, we will help you with the document and information preparation to confirm your good standing that would lead to the most successful and positive results.

Our customers can rely on our excellent customer care where we are able to manage different situations that may arise during the bank and client interaction.

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