Nexpay: banking solution for your digital business

Nexpay has developed from a small company to the next generation financial company supporting digital businesses throughout the globe. Being licensed in Lithuania, this payment institution provides secure solutions for funds and businesses in overall. It is a crypto-friendly institution!

Main features:

  • Website –
  • License from the Bank of Lithuania, license No 18
  • Convenient online banking
  • C2B and B2C solutions with powerful API
  • Product integration with Nexpay account
  • IBAN account and exchange
  • High volume transaction
  • Management of account operation from customer’s own system

Account opening

Although some customers find that the onboarding process is lengthy and detailed here, this payment institution fully complies with all applicable AML and KYC procedures to ensure the safety of its business and other customers. All sign up process is conducted on where customers submit information about the business and legal representatives in the form.

As a next step, customers are required to upload a clear picture of its passport or national ID card with all the visible information. Customers will also need to verify identity by taking a selfie.

The onboarding team reviews the documents and information. All information and decision on onboarding is exchanged online.

Depending on the nature of the business, the onboarding team may request additional details and documents.

SEPA transfers

With Nexpay customers can make transfers in EUR in 36 countries. Incoming and outgoing transfers in EUR are powered by SEPA that allows to make transfers without transmission delays.


Nexpay customers’ funds are secured by being kept in the European Central bank system. As a technical measures, Nexpay uses Saltedge’s Authenticator app for strong customer authentication compliance.


Business account

Fee typeBasicBasic+Premium
Account opening100 EUR1,000 EURFree
Account maintenance50 EUR/mo150 EUR/mo1,000 EUR/mo
Deposits to Globitex trading account from NexpayProhibitedFreeFree
Withdrawals from Globitex trading account to NexpayProhibitedFreeFree
Payments to other Nexpay accountsFreeFreeFree
Payments from other Nexpay accountsFreeFreeFree
Priority supportN/AN/AN/A
Incoming payments (SEPA)0.05% of payment amount, min. 1 EUR0.15% of payment amount + 1.5 EURFree
Outgoing payments (SEPA)0.05% of payment amount, min. 1 EUR0.15% of payment amount + 1.5 EURFree
Account balance fee0.05% per month on overnight balances charged daily, min. 0.01 EUR0.1% per month on overnight balances charged daily, min. 0.01 EURFree
Received/sent cancellation requests/recalls processing10% of payment amount, min. 100 EUR10% of payment amount, min. 100 EUR10% of payment amount, min. 100 EUR
Complex structure fee1,000 EUR1,000 EUR1,000 EUR
Priority onboarding fee1,000 EUR1,000 EUR1,000 EUR
Change of ownership processing fee100 EUR100 EUR100 EUR
Reference letters20-100 EUR20-100 EUR20-100 EUR
Late KYC submission fee100 EUR per day100 EUR per day100 EUR per day

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