The Kingdom Bank: Offshore Account in the Next Generation Fintech Bank

The Kingdom Bank is a global offshore crypto-friendly fintech bank based in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Kingdom Bank is globally recognized by various international awards providing tailor-made secure, next-generation digital banking services to international customers.

The Kingdom Bank Corporation is licensed by the Financial Services Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It holds all necessary authorizations to provide financial services to clients operating outside of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Kingdom Bank restricts citizens and residents of Dominica as well as US citizens and residents to open accounts in this institution. In other words, the bank deals with offshore accounts of individuals and businesses involved in international businesses.

What makes this bank unique is that the Kingdom Bank has a wide range of business financial tools for corporates operating in different banking sectors, including those marked as high risk. Forex, digital assets, and crypto-related entities can open business accounts subject to successful onboarding.


Main Features

  • Personal and Business Accounts
  • SWIFT and SEPA payments
  • Crypto-Friendly Bank
  • B2B Banking
  • B2C Payments
  • OTC Trading
  • Crypto Payments
  • Forex Trading


The Kingdom Bank provides corporate and correspondence banking services, competitive FX rates, local and global payments in over 50 currencies. Customer onboarding, and financial services are offered online.

Personal Accounts

The Kingdom Bank offers personal accounts powered by private banking services and multi-currency accounts.

Business Accounts

Corporate clients from various business sectors are equally accepted subject to online customer verification.

Offshore Banking

One of the best features of the Kingdom Bank is that it provides offshore bank accounts offered to an individual or businesses residing and doing business internationally. With an offshore bank account, customers can benefit from 24/7 account management, a reliable taxation system, and diversification of assets.


The Kingdom Bank undertakes the establishment, implementation, operation, monitoring, review, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System in accordance with TS ISO / IEC 27001 Standard. With this industry-leading infrastructure, the bank ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of customer information and assets.

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