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About Wise: Wise is one the most popular and easiest digital payment solutions that allows to prompt global transfers between individuals and businesses. Wise has been one of the pioneers in alternative banking platforms, and ensured low fees that are way too attractive in comparison to what you pay when you transfer money via traditional banking institutions. Wise has been constantly evolving by entering new markets, introducing payment cards, and other modern features.

Wise Platform launches International Receive service

This month Wise announced of launching new International Receive service. It means that customers from banks of all sizes can quickly, easily and affordably receive cross-border payments, even if their bank is not connected to SWIFT.

Since many neobanks do not have any SWIFT access for various reasons, it prevents their customers to receive money from overseas in a safe way. The new service aims to allow neobanks to connect, and enable their customers to efficiently and safely receive international payments using their existing account details.

Another thing with International Receive service is that it enables financial institutions with an existing SWIFT setup to switch to Wise’s service, and receive incoming payments more quickly, cheaply and conveniently. The integration needs only minimal efforts, while the outcome would be significant in terms of the quick transfers.

For now, the service is accessible only with European neobanks.

Six New Partnerships for First Half of 2022

Wise Platform connects with six new partners in 2022, bringing greater transparency, ease, speed and affordability to more people and businesses across the world.

The first partnership was made with Fibabanka, a major Turkish bank, and banking platform Birlesik Odeme. It now enables Fibabanka to offer its three million customers the ability to send money abroad in more than 70 currencies with the speed and affordability that comes with Wise.

Wise Platform also partnered with Max, one of Israel’s largest credit card companies, to bring its fast and affordable transfers to Israeli consumers for the first time that can now send money in 32 currencies.

Other significant partnerships come with Firstbase, a US-based service that helps entrepreneurs found their business; Onfolk, a UK-based HR service; GoTrade, a Malaysia-based investment platform; Tiger Brokers, a Singapore-based investment platform.

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