myPOS: payment solution for in-store, online and other payments

This week we review a payment acceptance tool necessary for sellers and merchants to conduct their business. myPOS is what online and in-store sellers need to make their business grow.

Headquartered in London and being operated across Europe, myPOS provides integrated payment solutions for payment at the counter, online and via mobile devices without a terminal.

myPOS is designed as a tailor-made platform for small and medium sized merchants.


  • Merchant account
  • Business card Visa
  • Multi- currency merchant account
  • IBAN account details
  • Instant payout of accepted funds 24/7


myPOS provides card machines divided into:

  • myPOS Go: affordable and functional credit card machine
  • myPOS Carbon: Android payment terminal
  • myPOS Combo: payment terminal with printer and keypad
  • myPOS Glass: payment acceptance terminal for mobile phone without the need for other hardware or cables

The company extensively develops online solutions and can now offer:

  • myPOS: free online shop for global selling
  • Online checkout: a payment gateway
  • Payment request: acceptance of remote cards
  • MO/TO Virtual Terminal

For Merchants

myPOS represents a powerful business platform for merchants as it has all needed to accept payments and manage various business affairs.

Merchants of myPOS get online merchant account to accept in-store and online payments, and can order Visa business cards.

Another useful tool is the invoicing software that allows to invoice customers for card payment or payment by wire transfer.

On top of that merchants can use market applications for myPOS Android card machines, order private label gift cards, and more.


Merchant account with IBAN – free

Payout in seconds – free

Business VISA card – free

Pay per transaction only.

Order myPOS for your business here!

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