Business Account and Everything Else Needed for Companies with Everyfin

Overview of Everyfin

Everyfin Ltd is a UK registered company which is authorized by FCA as an electronic money institution. It primarily focuses on business banking and corporate services for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Main Features

– Website:

– Quick and easy setup through online verification

– Online business account to send and receive payments

– Personal account manager 24/7

– Corporate services


– No personal account

Opening a business account

Everyfin focuses on banking services that enable quick and secure global transactions. It support SEPA, SWIFT and IBAN transfers for customers from all over the world.

New customers can easily open Everyfin account online. This payment institution does not accept FATF restricted residents and companies. Other than these restrictions, a legal entity can easily set up an account to enjoy all features.

Small and medium sized businesses mainly open accounts with this payment institution. Despite the high entry threshold in terms of service fees, Everyfin’s rates are favourable for international transfers. Customers also include sole traders and freelancers.

Company Incorporation


On Everyfin’s website customers can use company registration services in such jurisdictions as Alberta (Canada), Cyprus, England (UK), Estonia, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Marshall Islands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland.


Open your business account with Everyfin and you will get 100 EUR discount for account opening fee!


Get a consultation

We will open an account in the desired currency, quickly and inexpensively

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