Quick money transfer and exchange with Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a well-known online payment platform for making instant payment and international money transfers at a highly competitive rate. The functionality of Perfect Money encompasses:

– Instant money transfers between platform’s members;

– Receiving payments in various business projects online;

– Making regular online payments;

– Storing money funds on electronic account;

– Making payments in online retail shops;

– Buying BTC, gold metal, USD and EUR currency online;

– Crypto-friendly platform.

Perfect Money has been operating for more than 14 years as an electronic payment system that allows to transfer USD, EUR and Bitcoin. It was founded by a group of professionals with a solid background in banking and financial area. Its customers value the platform as they can make global payments within a few seconds.

Though the platform implies various security measures, it is still important to refrain from storing large funds as deposits are not covered by deposit insurance scheme applied to bank deposit accounts.

In terms of security measures, it uses multi-level security process to ensure that customers’ account will not be hacked. The program toolbox of Perfect Money security system overpasses the development of all currently available modern technologies and tools for a payment system crack. As a result it brings the risks of Perfect Money users to the lowest mark. Perfect Money uses these technologies not to the prejudice of user’s convenience. Moreover, every user of its system has a right to set security settings individually. However, do not forget that this is the Internet and no one will give a 100% guarantee that your account will not be hacked.

Customer Verification

Perfect Money allows to access certain features without a customer verification. However, if a customer’s account is verified, then the customer gets access to lower fees, additional security options, easy account restoration, etc.

Account depositing

To fund an account, customers have the following options:

– Wire transfer;

– Funding with an e-currency;

– Using exchange partners;

– Storing crypto-currency value.

Service Fees

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