CBiBank: a US commercial bank providing international banking services

CB International Bank LLC (CBiBank) is fully regulated and authorized to operate in Puerto Rico and the United States. Having been established in 2017, it is affiliated with IDG Capital which is a founding investor of China Binary New Fintech Group and a strategic partner of CBiBank. IDG Capital is a leading investment firm, focused on developing extraordinary companies through its expertise in private equity and venture capital, as well as real estate.

Website: https://www.cbibank.com

This bank is an institutional member of the Federal Reserve (ABA), SWIFT, UnionPay, Cross-border RMB Clearing (CIPS), and other organizations. CBiBank is committed to providing customers with bank account management system services online, and providing customized financial service solutions and global asset allocation services for legal entities.

This institution is an ideal solution for international trading companies, such as import and export companies, trade business companies, e-commerce, B2B, overseas Taobao e-commerce, investment, consulting, logistics, etc.

CBiBank operates two lines of products for business and personal use. Let’s review both of them.

CBiBank for business:

  • online banking services for offshore payments
  • investment solutions
  • quick international transfer in multiple currencies
  • merchant account and services for credit and debit card transactions
  • cash flow management
  • e-commerce platform for Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce platforms
  • self-built station UnionPay bank receipt service: support export enterprises self-built stations UnionPay acquiring

CBiBank for individuals:

  • simple operation system
  • multi-currency account with international remittances in USD, EUR and offshore RMB
  • no amount limits for currency exchange
  • asset management: global high-quality asset allocation plan, corporate foreign currency wealth management services

New customers and online onboarding

The bank operates online, and verifies new customers remotely through online video verification. For these purposes CBiBank requires a standard set of corporate and individual documents.

This financial institution services non-US citizen and non-US residents. As the bank partners with Chinese institutions, it is a popular bank for transactions with China, and other of East-Asia countries.

The account opening is usually completed within 7 business days.

Documents required for business account:

  1. Company registration documents
  2. Articles of Association
  3.  Organization Chart (unless it is a 100% holding)
  4.  Resolution of the board of directors authorizing the opening of an account on behalf of the company (if applicable)
  5. Information of relevant personnel (shareholders, directors, authorized signatories, online banking operators, contacts, etc.)
  6. Identification files of relevant person (ID, passport, drive license, or resident permit certificate)
  7.  Address file of relevant person (The address certificate can be replaced by a valid certificate with address information, 6-month bank statement with address, government letter, water, electricity and gas fee, property management fee payment note, etc.)

What is offshore bank account?

This bank account resolves inconsistency between the application of a jurisdiction in case where a company is registered in one place and where the company’s account is located. For this purpose, it provides flexible fund allocation, tax optimization, information safeguard.

CBiBank One-Stop Solution

Foreign trade enterprises can obtain the following solutions:

  • Payment from overseas suppliers
  • Domestic supplier payment
  • European and American e-commerce withdrawal
  • Enterprise financial management
  • Public to private transfer
  • Wages paid on behalf of overseas personnel

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