Bankera: a new digital era bank

Bankera is the payment institution providing modern finance solutions for individuals and businesses. It is founded and fully licensed in Lithuania for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments. Aiming to ensure quick and hassle-free international transfers, it supports SEPA, SWIFT and IBAN transfers.

Currently, there are many alternatives to Bankera in terms of financial products offered for individuals and businesses. However, what makes it as truly unique are solutions for crypto business. Bankera is among a few crypto-friendly payment institutions to allow payments to/from crypto-exchanges. Subject to enhanced verification, it onboards high-risk activity clients.


  • Online account set up and verification
  • User-friendly interface for website and app
  • Crypto-friendly solutions
  • Free incoming and outgoing SEPA payments for personal accounts
  • Business loans
  • Low maintenance costs and competitive fees, including for business accounts and currency exchanges
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Payment solutions for affiliate programs and commercial online activities


  • Unfavorable conversion fee on large amounts
  • Transfer limits on outgoing payments
  • Certain countries are not supported

Account Opening

All process of account opening and verification is conducted online. New applicants are required to fill in an application form, questionnaire and submit documents. The exact list of documents depend on each particular case. As Bankera accepts high-risk activities, it may request documents for enhanced due diligence. The opening fee is different for each type of client. While it is completely free to open a personal or standard business account, the account fee for high-risk industries and virtual currency business is 200 Euro.

Personal Account

Bankera provides a standard number of products for personal accounts, including multi-currency account, e-wallet, cross-border payments. It allows to send and receive payments using email, phone number of personal dedicated European IBAN. Once you have a Bankera personal account, you can apply for a personal IBAN in your own name. Its smart solutions allow to review your personal budget through an application. For example, you can analyze your spending habits and build a visual summary to control your payment flows.

Business Account

Bankera’s business accounts are of three types. The first one is offered to low-risk companies with no fees for account opening. It allows to process credit and debit card payments, send and receive money. You can issue cards in any necessary quantity.

Other two account types are:

– business+ for high-risk industries, and

– alternative account for crypto business.

Alternative Account for Crypto Business

Alternative Account is specifically designated for crypto business, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages, mining farms. If you wish to open an alternative account, you will need to comply with a monthly minimum commitment in the amount of 1,000 Euro.

However, if a crypto company needs to have an account for standard business operations such as salary payments, rents and other office expenses, then it is possible to open a business+ account. There is no monthly minimum commitment and only a monthly maintenance fee of 50 Euro applies.

Business Loans

Another great thing with Bankera is the opportunity to get a business loan directly from this payment institution. Such business loans are aimed at finance invoices, working capital or busines growth purposes. Loans start from 2,000 Euro at the interest rate of 1% as a minimum. Loan maturity is 1-24 months.

Transaction Limits

Not for everyone, but someone would find it as a disadvantage that Bankera sets limits on the outgoing transactions for 50,000 Euro per transaction, or 100,000 Euro per day, or 300,000 Euro per month. There is no limit on incoming transactions though.


Bankera is a fully licensed electronic money institution. Electonic money at Bankera is fully backed by liquid assets, such as cash, its equivalents (short-term deposits at banks) or highly liquid bonds, and is also segregated from the funds of the financial institution itself. As part of technical measures, it enables second-factor authentication through SMS. You will need to enter a code from SMS to confirm each transaction.

Other Questions

We understand you may have further questions or need an assistance with Bankera account opening. Our experienced team would help you with account set up and preparation of all required documents. Please contact us if you have any further questions!

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