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1. Ripple and FINCI cooperate together for introducing quick payment solutions

Ripple is the leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions. Ripple and FINCI has recently announced that they are working together on development of new product to deliver instant and cost-effective retail remittances and business to business (B2B) payments via RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), which leverages XRP for crypto-enabled cross border payments.

As a result of this partnership FINCI’s customers would be able to make instant payments between Europe and Mexico while eliminating the need for FINCI to pre-fund accounts abroad, giving them the opportunity to return capital into their business.

It is not a  secret that international payments are real headache for payment service providers and SMEs who struggle to process it smoothly and quickly. With the use of OML, this cooperation is an important step for FINCI to grow its business.

Without any doubt customers will succeed as a result of this cooperation as the two leading fintechs would be able to make real-time cross-boarder payments powered by Ripple’s financial technology, RippleNet. Since the payments would cross the boarder seamlessly and quickly, it would allow FINCI to process instant transfer of INR, GBP, MXN из EUR at a lower fee.

2. B2B integration of payment services

FINCI now offers B2B integration of payment services, that would be suitable for the following services:

  • For licensed financial companies;
  • For licensed companies operating with digital assets;
  • For operators of technological solutions (Payment gateways, Acquiring, etc)

3. Co-branding card projects

As a principle member of Mastercard FINCI is developing a BIN sponsorship/ Co-brand programme for it’s partners including crypto exchange companies

About FINCI: FINCI is a FinTech services brand, connecting legally separate and independent companies. FINCI UAB is holding electronic money institution License nr. 60 licensed and supervised by The Bank of Lithuania.

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