#News: Paysera stops all Russia-related transactions

The company will no longer process transactions in Russian rubles, close its Russian clients' accounts, and restrict money transfers to and from Russian and Belarusian banks

Paysera’s restrictions on money transactions linked to Russia:

1. Russian citizens will no longer be able to use Paysera accounts (the restriction does not apply to Russian citizens who have a residence permit in another country acceptable to the company). Existing accounts will be closed following the contractual notice period.

2. Russian and Belarusian companies will not be able to use Paysera accounts. All existing accounts will be closed.

3. All Paysera clients will not be able to transfer money in all currencies to Russian and Belarusian banks if the recipient is a legal entity. Nor will they be able to receive transfers from them (transfers between individuals who are not sanctioned will not be restricted for the time being but will be subject to more frequent and thorough checks on their origin and destination).

4. Currency exchange to Russian Roubles (RUB) will no longer be available for Paysera clients. However, it will be possible to exchange (sell) existing roubles.

5. Money transfers to and from WebMoney (a Russian-owned electronic payment system) have already been suspended.

6. No new accounts will be opened for legal clients whose main shareholders do not have a residence permit in a country accepted by the company.

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